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The Beginner’s Guide to the Pierce County Council

While many people are aware that the Pierce County Council exists, few of us know much beyond that! We interviewed Hunter T. George to get his expert insights on the Council, and below, you can learn everything from the basics of the county council (what's the difference between a city council and a county council?) to [...]

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The Inside Scoop to 2017 Tacoma Pride

The Tacoma Pride Festival is almost here! From July 7 through July 15 you can enjoy a huge variety of Pride events in Tacoma. As a proud sponsor of Tacoma Pride, we're excited to share this handy event Pride Guide with you! Bookmark it or save the infographic to your phone so you don't miss [...]

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Did You Miss the First Adult Civics Happy Hour? Check Out Our Recap!

Last week, Move to Tacoma hosted “Adult Civics Happy Hour with Nate Bowling and Erik Hanberg” at Black Kettle Bites & Brew in Downtown Tacoma. This event was all about re-learning (and maybe learning for the first time!) everything we learned in civics. How does local government work? How can you influence and make change [...]

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5 Nonprofits You Didn’t Know Were in Tacoma

Tacoma is home to some amazing people doing awesome work for our community, and we wanted to shine some light on some unique nonprofits in Tacoma that you may not have heard of yet! We asked local nonprofit expert Erik Hanberg to share 5 nonprofits that people may not know are in Tacoma. Erik wears [...]

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Adult Civics Happy Hour with Nate Bowling and Erik Hanberg

How the heck does local government even work? City Council, School Board, Pierce County Council, it can all be so confusing. Maybe we learned this in high school, but let's face it- most of us have forgetten it all. Join us for a night with Washington State Teacher of the Year Nate Bowling and Metro [...]

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Pierce County Real Estate in 2017: What Renters Need to Know

Right now, the biggest issue in Tacoma is something that Seattle’s been dealing with for years: Our population is increasing, and we’re not adding nearly enough housing units. In addition to people moving to Tacoma from outside the area, Tacomans in their 20s and 30s are coming of age and looking for properties to rent [...]

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Pierce County Real Estate in 2017: What Buyers & Sellers Need to Know

For the past few years, people have been asking: Has our market recovered from the recession yet? When will it fully recover? What can we expect?   On January 21, 2017, TheNewsTribune.com published an article that details the current state of the Pierce County housing market. Here are a few of the takeaways: Median home [...]

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5 New Restaurants in Tacoma You Haven’t Been to Yet

Tacoma’s restaurant scene just keeps getting better. In the last couple of months, we’ve had a few new restaurants come to Tacoma and we’re excited about every single one of them. Did we miss one? Share it with us in the comments! Here’s a look at 5 new restaurants that have recently opened up in [...]

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Have You Heard? These Are The 10 Most Listened-To Move to Tacoma Podcast Episodes in 2016

In 2016, we met some amazing new people and had the opportunity to interview many of them on the Move to Tacoma podcast. Thank you to all who have been so supportive of the Move to Tacoma podcast, and thank you for helping us show off how amazing Tacoma is while discussing important issues and sharing [...]

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Move To Tacoma is Proud to Sponsor Sound Outreach’s Credit Up Podcast

We are SO PROUD to be the first sponsor of Sound Outreach's awesome new podcast, "Credit Up" which is all about financial empowerment. It includes interviews with community members about how to build assets to navigate out of poverty. They also talk about all the innovative things happening to help economically vulnerable community members here [...]

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